Dear Valued Client,


I am looking forward to working with you again soon. However, the way massage therapy is practiced has changed, and I'll need your help and understanding to ensure the highest possible standard of sanitation and safety. What follows is a detailed guide to what you can expect on your next visit. Please read it thoroughly, then complete and submit the Covid-19 Screening form.


Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time. There's a new magnetic security lock on the front door of the building. I will meet you there to let you in. When we arrive in the reception room, please don't sit down, touch anything, or set any items down on surfaces. Don't bring anything into the space that isn't absolutely necessary. For now, you'll need to be wearing a cloth or surgical paper face mask the whole time you're in the office. I will be too.


Use the touchless hand sanitizer station at the front desk. I'll check your temperature. If that looks good, we'll proceed to the treatment room. I've added U/V air filters throughout the space. You're welcome to sit in the chair; it will be wiped down between clients. Step onto the tray and leave your shoes there when you take them off. We'll do our usual intake. Then I'll leave to go wash my hands, using a paper towel to open all the doors on the way back to my treatment space from the bathroom sink. Place your clothing and personal items on the chair or in the plastic bins provided. Get onto the table by stepping onto the non-porous mat. When I return I will be wearing a fresh apron over my clothes in case of incidental contact with your skin. If you prefer I will wear nitril gloves for your session. My understanding is that good handwashing is just as effective, but if you're more comfortable with me wearing gloves I'm happy to do so. Please only talk during the session if you need to give me feedback about pressure, temperature, etc. Massage of the face is currently prohibited. 


I know these are a lot of changes, and it might be overwhelming for all of us at first. To ease the transition, I'm returning at a reduced caseload, with more time between sessions for cleaning, and not adding any new clients for now. Things may change quickly and some of these precautions could be phased out soon, or another wave of the virus could require me to shut down again. I'm now required to monitor hospital surge capacity in King county and shut down if it gets over a certain threshold. But this is the plan for now. I entirely understand if you aren't ready to return, especially if you are in a high-risk category.

To simplify this process and to help me implement these changes, my payment structure will be changing as well. My rates will now be $100/hour, $150/90 minutes, $200/2 hour. However, I will not be accepting gratuities. Packages will still be available at 10% off 3, 15% off 6. If you've pre-paid for sessions, they will be honored at my former rates. For many of you, this means the cost of a session will be about the same. Pay will now be touchless. I'll send you a Square invoice the day of your session. You can pay before or directly after your session.   

I appreciate you greatly and I am eager to work with you again. If there's one thing I've learned in the past couple months, it's that massage is one of the best things in the world, and I love being a massage therapist. Please don't hesitate to reach out via email to if you have comments, questions, or suggestions about all of this. 





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