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Updated May 1st, 2023

The Washington State Department of Health has suspended masking requirements for health care settings. Many of my clients still prefer to wear masks, but they are not required. I know for some this is welcome news. However, if you are concerned about being in a space where others have been unmasked, please reach out to determine an appointment time best able to meet your needs. I continue to use high quality air filters and sanitize between clients. I allow at least a half hour between clients, and in general only see a few people per day. There are very few spaces where your exposure risk will be lower. I am happy to mask for any client who prefers it, and prefer to be masked myself when working around a client's face, head and neck. Like everyone else, I am making choices based on a range of life considerations, including elder care responsibilities, etc.


If you have any symptoms of any potentially contagious illness, Covid or otherwise, please reschedule your appointment. If you have been in close contact with any ill person, reschedule. If you test positive for Covid, please wait 14 days after all symptoms have subsided to reschedule. If you are asymptomatic, please wait until you have obtained a negative Covid test. 

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