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Updated September 1st, 2022


Thank you for your continued cooperation as we navigate this interminable pandemic. A few notes for returning and ongoing clients:

1) If you have any symptoms of any potentially contagious illness, Covid or otherwise, please reschedule your appointment. Similarly, if you have been in close contact with any ill person, reschedule. If you test positive for Covid, please wait 14 days after all symptoms have subsided to reschedule. If you are asymptomatic, please wait until you have obtained a negative Covid test. 

2) As of now, masks are still required in health care settings, which includes massage therapy spaces. Therefore masks are still required during the entire time you're in the building, including while you're on the table. Air filters are in use in the space, and all contact surfaces are sanitized between clients. 


3) I am fully vaccinated. I know most of my clients are as well, and if not, I hope they will seriously consider getting vaccinated. However I do not require my clients be vaccinated, as I work with some people with medical exemptions. 

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