Updated July 6th, 2021


Thank you for your continued cooperation as we navigate the waning days of the pandemic. A few notes for returning and ongoing clients:

1) If you have any symptoms of any potentially contagious illness, Covid or otherwise, please, please reschedule your appointment. Similarly, if you have been in close contact with any ill person, reschedule. 

2) As of now, masks are still required in health care settings, which includes massage therapy spaces. Therefore masks are still required during the entire time you're in the building, including while you're on the table.


3) I have been fully vaccinated since April. I know many of my clients are as well, and if not, I hope they will seriously consider getting vaccinated. However I understand some people may have good reasons not to get vaccinated, and I respect their right to privacy and personal choice on this issue. 

4) There is a lot of demand for massage right now, as people get vaccinated and cases drop. I appreciate your patience if my schedule is a bit full. To make sure my ongoing clients are taken care of, I am only working with established clients at this point. If you have friends or family you would like to send my way, check back early in the fall, when I hope to be able to accommodate new folks.